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18" Flutter Fashion Sparkles - Malala

18" Flutter Fashion Sparkles - Malala

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Flutter Fashion Malala: The Mesmerizing Muse of Sea Sparkles™!

Delve deep into the ocean's mysteries with Malala, an illustrious jewel of the Sea Sparkles collection. Her tail, a hypnotic blend of profound blues and vivacious neon pink, portrays the very essence of marine magic, each shade intertwining in a dance reminiscent of the jubilant energy of an undersea fiesta. With every movement, she seems to beckon the adventurous spirit, urging one to dive deeper and explore the wonders that lie beneath.

Sea Sparkles embodies the fusion of terrestrial dreams with aquatic allure, creating companions that are nothing short of mesmerizing. Malala isn't just another plush doll, she's a radiant beacon of the deep, a plush embodiment of the vibrant pulse of the ocean, promising adventures where tales of marine majesty come alive.

Welcome Malala into Your World and Revel in the Rhythms of the Ocean's Heartbeat!

  • This plush is approx. 6" x 17.5" x 9" in size
  • Luxury snuggles with our enchanting high-quality plush
  • Swim into adventure with the free and fun spirit of the Sea Sparkles mermaid plush
  • Masterfully embroidered facial features for a fun expression
  • This plush contains bean pellets and small parts that are suitable for ages 24 months and older
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