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Gibbs Smith

Kid's Guide to Backyard Birds

Kid's Guide to Backyard Birds

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Packed with essential facts on the United States' most easy-to-spot birds, this brightly illustrated guide is perfect for burgeoning birdwatchers ages 6 to 8.

A Kid’s Guide to Backyard Birds is filled with fascinating facts about the most common birds, including where they live, what they eat, and how they sound when they sing. How did the Brown-Headed Cowbird get its name? Which bird can fly up to 40 miles per hour? Packed with over 80 full-color, gorgeous illustrations, this portable field guide will have burgeoning bird lovers excited about exploring the amazing world just outside their door.

The frontmatter contains a hands-on DIY project, info on how to identify birds, and what are absolute essentials to take in your bag as a beginner birdwatcher. The backmatter contains a bird log to keep track of all the birds spotted, information on how we can protect our birds, and a glossary of important terms found bolded throughout the book.

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