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Sealing Wax Stamp Kit

Sealing Wax Stamp Kit

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Add distinction to personal correspondence and art and craft projects with genuine wax seals!

  • Seal envelopes and invitations, decorate letters, enhance scrapbooks, journals, and more!
  • Boxed Sealing Wax Stamp Kit includes 4 unique brass seal stamps, 1 wooden handle, and 2 wax sticks.
  • Seal images depict a fleur-de-lis, a crescent moon and stars, a bumblebee, and a tree of life.
  • Seal stamps attach easily to the wooden handle.
  • To use: Light the wick of one of the sealing wax sticks. Let wax drip into a puddle slightly smaller than the width of selected seal. Extinguish candle. Firmly press stamp into wax. Allow wax to cool. Gently remove stamp.
  • Tips: To save a wax seal for future use, create it on a piece of parchment paper or other heatproof, non-stick surface. Once cooled, remove; use later by gluing to paper or envelope. To prevent wax from sticking to a stamp, chill stamp before use. Use seals on thick, durable paper to prevent tearing.
  • Elegant foil-accented Sealing Wax Stamp Kit package is perfect for gift-giving.
  • Sturdy box keeps sealing materials safe and organized.
  • Box measures 4-3/8'' square x 1-1/4'' deep.
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